Steeple Street Book 1

It’s 1925, and Agnes Sheridan is a bright, ambitious young nurse with her whole future ahead of her, until a single tragic mistake turns her world upside down. In an effort to redeem herself, Londoner Agnes travels up to Leeds to retrain as a district nurse.

Not that she believes she will need much training. As far as Agnes is concerned, district nursing is little more than giving baths and changing bandages. Her high-handed attitude doesn’t make her many friends among the other nurses at the house in Steeple Street. And it certainly doesn’t endear her to the down-to-earth Assistant Superintendent, Bess Bradshaw. The dislike between them is instant, and Bess decides to teach Agnes a lesson by introducing her to the harsh realities of life in Quarry Hill, a warren of rundown slums in the centre of the city.

Sure enough, fastidious Agnes is horrified by Quarry Hill, and the chaotic lives of the people who call it their home. She knows Bess is trying to drive her away, but she has nowhere else to run. Her only choice is to stay and try to prove herself.

Gradually, as she gets to know the area and the families, she realises there is more to Quarry Hill and its residents than she imagined. She discovers there can be dignity and pride even in poverty, and that salvation can be found in the most unlikely and unexpected places. Most of all, she finds fun, friendship and forgiveness among the nurses of Steeple Street.