Nightingales Book 3

It’s 1936, and student nurse Helen Tremayne is six months away from her final exams. Her domineering mother Constance is determined that nothing should stand in the way of Helen’s success, least of all her working class boyfriend Charlie. Poor Helen finds herself torn between wanting to please her mother and following her heart. But then a twist of fate changes her life forever…

Her friends Dora and Millie are facing problems of their own. Society girl turned student nurse Millie is blissfully planning her wedding to her fiance Sebastian, a foreign correspondent. But then a fortune teller’s dire prediction makes her fear she might not get the happy ending she expects.

Meanwhile, there’s no prospect of a happy ending for down to earth Dora. She has to stand by and watch as Nick, the love of her life, weds her pregnant best friend Ruby.  For her friend’s sake, she knows she must forget Nick and keep her feelings to herself. But little does she know Ruby is hiding a devastating secret of her own.