Nightingales Book 7

It’s the winter of 1941, and wartime Britain faces a grim Christmas, as do the nurses of the Nightingale Hospital in London. With so much of the hospital damaged during the Blitz, many of the patients and nurses are evacuated to a hospital in the Kent countryside.

Among them is newly qualified nurse Jess Jago. The tough East End girl feels her place is with her friends and neighbours in Bethnal Green, not out in the middle of nowhere. To make matters worse, she soon finds herself at odds with the Matron of the country hospital, who has a grudge against Jess and her fellow Londoners.

But Jess’ fears that the countryside might prove too dull are proved wrong by the arrival of her old nursing student friend Effie O’Hara. Irrepressible Effie has just come over from Ireland and is determined that the war isn’t going to spoil her fun. It isn’t long before she makes friends with the RAF airmen billeted nearby. But is Effie hiding a secret..?

The war hasn’t been kind to Lady Millie Rushton. With her father and husband both dead, she is forced to run the family’s country estate and bring up her young son. Lost and out of her depth, Millie turns to the only thing she knows – nursing. Her new career gives her a sense of purpose, but the return of a face from her past makes her question her future.

As Christmas approaches, the three girls realise that no matter how far they may travel, the past always has a way of catching up with them…