Nightingales Book 4

It’s the spring of 1937, and the student nurses’ home has a new ward maid. But Jess Jago isn’t like the other domestics at the Nightingale Hospital. She has big plans to get away from her notorious East End family and better herself. But with her ne’er-do-well relatives dogging her every step, can she ever escape her past and make a brighter future for herself?

New student nurse Effie O’Hara is also keen to make a new start. She’s looking forward to the bright lights of London after leaving her tiny village in Ireland. But like Jess, her family is never far behind. In Effie’s case, it’s her older sisters, Katie and Bridget. They’re both nurses at the Nightingale and determined to make their wayward younger sister toe the line. But they reckon without Effie’s capacity for mischief…

Third year students Dora Doyle and Lucy Lane have been bitter rivals since the day they started at the Nightingale. But as their final exams approach, they both find themselves harbouring secrets that could end their careers. As they struggle to cope, they find themselves relying on each other for help. Could their worst enemy turn out to be their best friend..?