Nightingales Book 6

It’s the spring of 1940, and the calm before the storm in London’s East End. After months of Phoney War, the nurses of the Nightingale Hospital are preparing to do their bit for King and Country.

Devoted mum Dora thought she’d left her nursing days behind her when she married Nick Riley, the love of her life. But with Nick away fighting in France, Dora also finds herself back in uniform. How will she cope with her return to the wards?

Best friends Cissy and Jen sign up for hospital duties in the hope of nursing handsome soldiers. But their romantic dreams are shattered when they find themselves faces with the harsh realities of war.

For shy Eve, her new job at the hospital provides a welcome escape from the pressures of home. She experiences a newfound freedom, but her troubles aren’t far behind her.

As the Blitz hits the East End, leaving shattered lives in its wake, the nurses find their courage and their friendships tested. Can they keep smiling through?