Nightingales Book 10

Find out how the Nightingales started in this novel, set during the First World War.

East London, 1914: Britain is preparing for war. As young men queue up across the country to enlist, the Nightingale Hospital has its own set of new recruits…

Anna has had a happy upbringing in her family’s bakery in Bethnal Green. But as war descends her father’s German roots will wrench them apart in ways Anna never could have imagined.

Kate dreams of following in her own father’s footsteps and becoming a doctor. But does she have what it takes to fight the establishment – and her own family – and achieve her ambition?

Sadie joins the Nightingale Hospital hoping to escape the shame of her drunken mother. But the legacy of her family may not be so easy to escape…

As the shadow of war descends, will the promise of Christmas help to bring the students together?